Candidate for the governorship of Yucatan Mauricio Sahuí “chased out” of Celestún


Boos, shouts and flying objects received Mauricio Sahuí Rivero, candidate of the Institutional Revolutionary Party PRI to the governorship of Yucatan, upon his arrival in Celestun last Thursday June 6.

According to the first reports, the PRI sympathizers expressed their dissatisfaction with the late arrival of the candidate, arguing this show his “lack of interest and commitment with the people of Celestún”.

As it was said, the reason for the delay was that Sahuí Rivero met with supporters of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico, who were waiting for him at the entrance to the town, for more than two hours,

Sahui’s arrival to downtown Celestun featured pulls and shoves, rocks, plastic bottles and other unidentified flying objects. Members of Mauricio Sahui’s wrk team and security personnel managed to take him out of the place unharmed though.




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