500 thousand pesos in cash robbed at gun point from construction company in Mérida

(Photo: yucatanalamano.com)

On Thursday May 31, two hooded individuals with pistols in hand entered an office in Mérida to rob the payroll of the construction company known as Gredel Group Consorcio Empresarial SA de C. V,  located in the north of the city, from where they extracted 500,000 pesos in cash from the payroll.

The event took place when two employees who were in charge of going to the bank to get the money for the company’s payroll, returned to the office located at Calle 18 #496 of Fraccionamiento Sol Campestre.

Apparently, they were followed, as minutes later, the two armed men entered the office and threatened the employees at gun point, telling to deliver the cash.

The incident lasted just a minute or two, the employees handed the cash and remained in shock; while the criminals were able to escape on board a motorcycle.

Absolutely no arrest has been made so far in relation to this crime.

Source: yucatanalamano.com