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At the UNAM Sisal Academic Unit in Yucatan, scientists of this university have managed to generate what they call “synthetic” hurricanes from numerical simulations by computer, in order to determine what kind of weather conditions the oil platforms of the country will face and design these structures based on their results.

UNAM, indicated through a press release that in the Laboratory of Engineering and Coastal Processes of the Institute, Christian Mario Appendini Albrechtsen heads a current investigation that reproduces some elements of the hurricanes to create and intensify them while the data is recorded.

The scientists explained that they work with a numerical model where information is introduced, such as wind speed and intensity, in order to obtain the tidal conditions that the hurricane path would be generating, and what size waves the structures will have to endure.

With state-of.the-art technology, this team of scientitsts create hurricanes that allow them to study the climate situation considering a large number of different factors, with the goal of constructing better and stronger oil platforms “We are working on maps with the most extreme scenario and maximum waves” said Appendini.

Appendini explained that the platforms are designed to endure waves 8 meters high (25 feet) high, and with this projection of climate change, the structures will resist the impact of 13 14 meters high (35 feet).

Hurricane season in Yucatan
It is expected that the 2018 hurricane season in the Atlantic area will be quite active, but not as much as in 2017.

The report includes 14 tropical storms this year, of which seven have potential to become hurricanes, three of them may evolve into category 3 or stronger.

Last year there was a prediction of activity below average -11 storms, 4 hurricanes and 4 major hurricanes- at the end of the day it was far from reality: the Atlantic generated a record of 10 hurricanes in a row, for a total of 17 storms  and 6 hurricanes of great intensity.

Source: laverdadnoticias.com