Resident of Colonia Montecristo commits suicide in his home

(Photo: SIPSE)

On May 28, Mr. Jorge R.P.A, 49 year-old, commited suicide by hanging himself inside his home, located at the high-end Residential neighborhood known as Montecristo, located in the north of Mérida.

Apparently, there was no reason for the man to commit suicide, but he had suffered an injury in his hip that kept him in constant pain and could have forced him to take such a drastic action.

It was the man’s mother-in-law who discovered the body.

As she explained to the local authorities, on Monday, May 25  she went to visit the man to his house, located on Calle 1-F, between Calle 4-A and 4-C in Montecristo. The woman rang the bell several times but no one answered, so she decided to go in and when she walked through one of the access corridors, she saw Jorge’s body hanging from a wooden beam.

The woman called 911 and other family members, who immediately arrived on site.

Police agents arrived too, they put the body down and asked for the attention of SSP paramedics, who could only confirm that the man was already dead.

According to the relatives of the deceased, he had no economic or emotional problems, but apparently his hip problem was the reason why he ended up killing himself.

Source: SIPSE