(Photo: yucatan.com.mx)

Agents of the Federal Office of Environmental Protection (Profepa) and agents of the Ministry of Public Security confiscated two birds in danger of extinction that a young man was carrying in the parking lot of shopping mall in Polígono 108.

Apparently, the young man arrived at the shopping mall on a Dodge Attitude sedan, and when he was getting off the vehicle, he was found in possession of a cardboard box containing two young green parrots that had not finished fledging yet, and are considered endangered species.

The Profepa agents indicated to the young man that the birds were a protected species, so he would have to be arrested and transferred to the PGR accused of trafficking endangered animal species.

The boy explained the agents that he was not selling the birds, but rather they were the offspring of other parrots he has at home and since he cannot keep that many birds, he was going to give them away.

The federal inspectors requested the support of the SSP, who went to the place to acknowledge the situation.

However, it was the federal agents who were in charge of transferring the young man and the birds to the Federal Public Ministry. In addition, the vehicle is also under custody of the SSP.

The boy’s family refused to give more information on how the young man was found with the birds as the SSP agents asked them not to give information to the press in order “not to complicate matters anymore.”

The Profepa inspector limited himself to declaring that the young man was found in possession of endangered animal species.


Source: yucatan.com.mx



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