Profepa monitors Yucatán´s coastal area to get rid of illegal spurs

Dozens of illegal spurs pop-up everyday along the coast of Yucatan (Photo: El Nuevo Diario)

According to the head of the Department of Urban Development and Environment, Eduardo Batllori Sampedro, Profepa is constantly carrying out inspections to detect spurs or illegal barriers in the coastal area in order to remove them. Nevertheless, some owners of summer properties get desperate when the tide is high, and build illegal spurs. Profepa usually finds 10 new illegal spurs every week.

“We are building a strong relationship between property owners and the authority to work against erosion and hopefully they will continue to work with the next administration,” he said. “The results of this intervention will be seen in the short term and UNAM specialists are already monitoring the movement of water and sand.”

“When it is observed that a structure may cause risks, it is removed, adjusted in size or relocated. With good management, these structures can generate better containment conditions “.

The head of the Seduma informed that permanent work is required in the docks and breakwaters, and the agency requests the Semarnat to preserve the area where the SCT carries out its maintenance dredging, as it could well have a tourist use with open beach or as a turtle center.

Eduardo Batllori Sampedro (Photo: