Outstanding Yucatecan students to attend international Math contest in Europe

(Photo: SIPSE)

Two Yucatecan students of the basic level of education who have stood out for their skills and arithmetic knowledge, were selected to travel to Europe and represent Mexico in the International Mathematics Olympiad (OIM), which will take place in July.

The students are Jacobo de Juan Millón, who is in the first grade of secondary school from “Comunidad Educativa Alianz“, and María Fernanda López Tuyub, who is studying the sixth grade of elementary school at the “Primaria Benito Juárez García“, and will participate in the olympiad to be carried out in Bulgaria.

Pedro David Sánchez Salazar, professor of the School of Mathematics of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY) and coordinator of the competition in the state, explained that the process of selection of these two “genius children” began years ago, with a search for the best representatives statewide, and during the national Mathematics Olympics.

“Jacobo and María are going to Bulgaria, but it is important to mention that the selection process for them began in September 2016 as they participated in the national contest of 2017 and have an additional year preparing with an intensive course for a better performance in this international competition”, he added.

Sánchez Salazar said that the classification process of these two students was a bit more specific and precise, since after the selection process was carried out at the state level, another one was carried out at the national level.

“There is a national selection process for students who win that contest, they travel to different parts of the country where there attend specialized math schools. They had an outstanding participation and that’s why they were selected” he explained.

He acknowledged that the fact that the two children have been selected for the international phase represents an incentive for the School of Mathematics, since they have supported the State Secretariat of Education with reinforcement courses for decades.

“This is a great achievement for all of Yucatan, because we have been searching for students who qualify for the International Olympics for the last eight years, and we finally found them, which means that we are doing things right” he said.

Along with this international fair, the XXXII Mexican Mathematics Olympiad will take place in Yucatan, from June 9 to 12 at the UADY’s School of Mathematics.

Source: SIPSE

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