Nine useful traits my dogs taught me about moving and living abroad


Here are 9 lessons we can learn from our dogs about how to be successful moving abroad, from Chuck Bolotin, of Best Places in the World to Retire.


Who among us hasn’t been cheered during an otherwise down time or learned an important life lesson from a dog?

About 20 years ago, when I was having a difficult time in a particularly tense business negotiation, I stopped for a moment and happened to look away from my computer screen and phone and towards the floor.  There, with new eyes, I saw Cookie, the family dog, fast asleep near my desk, as usual, her complete contentment and lack of concern in sharp contrast to my anxiety.

In a flash, it occurred to me: I don’t have the right idea; Cookie has the right idea.  Whatever happened with my negotiation…

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Kate Corrigan with her dog. (Photo:



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