Mexico Is ‘Hostile Foreign Power’ (Tucker Carlson)

Tucker Carlson, an American conservative political commentator for Fox News debated a Mexican-American journalist after all four of Mexico’s presidential candidates reportedly agreed their country should help migrants reach the United States.

Carlson reported that the candidates made the pledge at a debate in Tijuana this week.

“Why should we not consider Mexico an enemy?” he asked Univision’s Enrique Acevedo.

Acevedo responded that candidates “say a lot while campaigning” and pointed to President Donald Trump labeling some Mexican immigrants “rapists” and pledging to build a border wall.

Carlson disagreed with the premise, saying that Trump’s wall plans do not violate Mexican law, while a bordering government seeking to “subvert” American law should be seen as a “hostile foreign power.”

He added that Trump could respond by ordering the Treasury to end the ability for Mexican-Americans to send remittances of cash back to Mexico.

Carlson said the Mexican government would collapse because those remittances help to “float the kleptocracy” in Mexico City.

Ahead of the July elections, far-left candidate A. Manuel Lopez Obrador leads in the presidential race.

The other candidates include Ricardo Anaya, Jose Antonio Meade and Jaime “El Bronco” Rodriguez.


Source: Fox News