Mexican presidential candidates debate relations with Trump and the U.S.A

President Trump has had a lot to say about Mexico, and in a debate on Sunday, Mexican presidential candidates had some things to say about him.

In fact, Trump and relations with the U.S. dominated the discussion in the second of three debates featuring four candidates vying for the Mexican presidency in July 1 elections.

The debate comes as Trump has thrown into doubt the future of the North American Free-Trade Agreement after setting the tone on the campaign trail by calling Mexican migrants to the U.S. “rapists” and criminals and insisting on a southern border wall that he insisted Mexico would get the bill for.

On Sunday, Reuters reports, “The debate, focused principally on trade, migrants, the Mexico-U.S. border and the fight against criminal gangs, drew several rebukes of [Trump], whose broadsides against Mexico have stirred widespread animosity.”

The Dallas Morning News writes, “At play is whether Mexico will discard the neoliberal economic model it has shared with the United States for more than 20 years, the same one that Trump now rails against and that the leading Mexican presidential candidate questions with ominous warnings.

The model, framed around the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement, has served as a catalyst for deeper integration between the U.S. and Mexico, locking the two not just economically and culturally but also ushering in unprecedented cooperation on matters of security.”


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