“Hogar de Ángeles” a mission of love and hope that needs us all

Cancer is the leading cause of death for children from one to 18 years of age in Mexico. The good news is that 70% of those cases are curable.

In Mexico each year there are between five and six thousand new cases of cancer in children under 18, of which more than 50% are leukemias, 10% lymphomas, 10% tumors of the nervous system and the rest of different types.

The incidence of cancer is 9 cases per 100 thousand people under 18 years.

Currently, hundreds of these children come to Mérida once a month or every two months to receive chemotherapy sessions, and as they are considered as outpatients, they must look for accommodation outside the Agustin O´Horan Hospital, and other clinics.

Although there are shelters that receive children and adults in vulnerable situations with some disease, the state does not yet have a shelter, with enough capacity, exclusively for children with cancer.

Based on this need, the Hogar de Ángeles Association emerges. A Private Assistance Institution that offers hospitality support, food, transportation, emotional and tanatological support to these children and their families so that they feel welcomed and accompanied during this extremely difficult process.

At this point in time, Hogar de Ángeles is selling original design t-shirts in order to collect money that they desperately need to keep helping hundreds of low income children with cancer.

$150.00 pesos

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Would you like to help these angels, but don’t know how? Well, you can start with buying yourself one of their shirts.

“I support an angel with cancer”


Or you can join Hogar de Ángeles team of volunteers and give some of your time and talent.

With your help, they will achieve their main goal: to improve the quality and life expectancy of children with cancer in the Yucatan.

Make Some Time For These Angels, As They Always Have Time For You

Buy yourself a T-Shirt!

Call Veronica Quezada at 99 91 09 18 96

Email: contacto@hogardeangeles.org
Cel/Whatsapp: +52 (999)1633310 / (999)2479184
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Account number: 65-50502125-9
CLABE: 014910655050212599 (money transfer)

Hogar de Ángeles, a mission of love and hope that needs you
Hogar de Ángeles, a mission of love and hope that needs you


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For more information go to: http://hogardeangeles.org/