Abandoned property in Mérida turned into drunks and drug addicts´ den

(Photo: laverdadnoticias.com)

Residents of Colonia Bojórquez in the city of Mérida have reported that the property located on Calle 59 C (x 100 and 112) is being used by alcoholics and drug addicts since it has been abandoned for more than 20 years, and the owner does not make himself responsible for the building anymore.

Local residents of Colonia Bojórquez claim to fear for the children who live nearby since it is common to see “weird looking” people entering the abandoned house and they are afraid one day one of these subjects may try to harm somebody.

In spite of the constant calls to the municipal authorities of Mérida, people go in and out of the property all the time.

“The place looks abandoned during the day, but at night it seems to turn into an “open bar” for the “borrachitos” and “mariguanos” of the area”, said one of the residents of Colonia Bojórquez.

“We have children and the truth is that we do not let them go outside because those people who come to the abanadoned house, drink, urinate and smoke pot in there, we can smell it from here. We call the police, but they just show up, get one or two of these guys out of the property and after a while they return in larger numbers. The owner does not even care anymore, and the truth is that we fear for our children”, declared Teresa Cuxim another resident of Colonia Bojorquez who lives nearby.

Source: laverdadnoticias.com