9 people arrested for carrying of 530 kilos of sea cucumber and other illegal animal species

(Photo: SIPSE)

The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) Yucatan Delegation, obtained from the district judges specialized in the Accusatory Penal System, of the Federal Criminal Justice Center, three indictment court orders against nine men, detained in possession of aquatic and terrestrial animal species currently banned.

According to the first report, two subjects were arrested by agents of the State Police on the road Dzidzantún-Dzilam de Bravo, section road Dzilam González-Dzidzantún, in possession of 128. 26 kilos of the aquatic species in temporary closure, maya octupus, commonly known as red octopus, for which they were delivered to the Federal Public Ministry.

The second folder of investigation, underilines that on Calle 46 (between 41-A and Libramiento Progreso-Telchac), in the muncipality of Progreso, agents of the State Police detained three people aboard a truck with Yucatan license plates, with 268.94 kilos of sea cucumber ( isostichopus badionotus), aquatic species in permanent ban.

Later on, another three people were detained, aboard another truck with Yucatan license plates, in possession of 134 kilos of the aquatic species isostichopus badionotus, known as sea cucumber.

Finally, a person detained by personnel of the Federal Attorney’s Office for Environmental Protection was linked to the process when he was found in a shopping center located on calle 35 diagonal by 40 and 44 of the Polígono Itzimná 108 subdivision, in possession of the wildlife bird species Amazona xantholora, commonly known as Yucatan Parrot or Nana Parakeet.

Loro yucateco (Photo: NaturaLista)

The Second District Judge set a precautionary measure to the accused, which consists of presenting every first day of the month during the time that the process lasts, before the Federal Police, Monitoring and Supervision Unit of Precautionary Measures and Conditional Suspension to the Process, in the offices of the State Coordination of the Federal Police in the State.

Source: SIPSE