Home Headlines 3 heart attacks occur every day in Yucatan: 1,200 per year

3 heart attacks occur every day in Yucatan: 1,200 per year

by Yucatan Times
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About 1,200 heart attacks (myocardial infarcts) are registered each year in Yucatán, which makes this condition the first cause of death in the state. In addition, eight out of ten cases, occur in people between 40 and 70-year-old people.

José Enrique Granados, cardiologist echocardiographer, explained that there are non-modifiable risk factors that increase the possibility of suffering from ischemic heart disease (heart disease) among which he mentioned sex, age and heredity.

“But we also have other factors that we can modify through lifestyle such as hypertension, obesity, cholesterol and glucose, smoking and sedentary lifestyle” said the specialist of the UMAI at the IMSS in Yucatan.

“There are people who decide to adopt healthy lifestyles, they change their diet and exercise, however, they get into it without the appropiate medical advice. This can be dangerous and even fatal, as it had recently happened with runners who died in athletic races. Before starting in any sports discipline, you need to undergo a stress test and ageneral medical check-up.”

heart attack is the death of, or damage to, part of the heart muscle because the supply of blood to the heart muscle is severely reduced or stopped. (www.encyclopedia.com)

Before members of the association “Sinergia con Sentido A.C.“, Granados shared that the possibility of suffering a heart attack is greater for those people with some degree of obesity, who don’t do any physical exercise, smoke, eat junk food or drink alcoholic beverages frequently. The specialist, who also works at the “Centro Médico Pensiones” Medical Center, said that currently 95% of the population in Yucatán presents at least two of the risk factors mentioned above.

“In order to prevent these events, it is necessary to have an annual check-up that allows timely detection and control. It should be realized health is a priority and everyone should take responsibility for taking care of themselves while maintaining an adequate weight and blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels, “recommended the cardiologist.


Source: SIPSE

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