Yoga for Wellness … all bodies, all ages at Sol y Tierra in Mérida

Yoga is much more than the practice of postures (Asanas). It can help us to achieve wellness, a state that encompasses a fit body, a healthy mind, wholesome habits, and a commitment to self-nurturing and self-awareness that expands to others. When we are truly well internally we enjoy the richness and fullness of life, and are committed to practices that nourish and make us feel happy and whole –in spite of external circumstances.

This especially design Yoga for Wellness course offers you the opportunity to expand your experience of yoga beyond its physical aspects by incorporating a variety of awareness development techniques –such as conscious breathing, aromatherapy, meditation, and sound therapy among others. The objective is to support you on your way to achieving integral wellness.

Yoga for Wellness (for all bodies of all ages) <Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-11:00>

With Dr. Alma Duran

Based on the needs of the participants, a gentle but intense breath-centered Asana flow provides a powerfully grounding and strengthening experience on each class.

Having as goal to make yoga accessible to all, Dr. Alma Duran leads creative and anatomically correct sequences offering modifications of all bodies and all ages. As a result, everyone can explore the possibilities of yoga in a safe and personally enriching manner while, at the same time, enjoying the benefits of an inspiring group practice.


About Dr. Alma Durán

Dr. Alma Durán is a yoga instructor certified by YogaWorks (Brentwood , California,) and by Yoga im Hof (Augsburg, Germany) –both of them Yoga Alliance registered schools. She holds several additional internationally recognized certifications, such as those for teaching Yoga for Seniors, Vinyasa, Mindfulness, and Yin Yoga.

Alma has taught workshops, and individual and group classes for more than two decades in the United States, Germany and Mexico. Parallel, she earned a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from Universität Augsburg and has a successful academic career. In 2017 she became Ambassador (or Ambassadress) of the Accessible Yoga Network, organization based in Santa Barbara, California.

Sol y Tierra offers you the best holistic space for workshops, groups or integration activities.

About Sol y Tierra Yoga

The characteristics of the space where the classes are held favor a conscious and secure practice. The sessions take place in Yoga Sol y Tierra: a unique, intimate, and inclusive studio solely dedicated to practices that promote holistic wellbeing in Mérida, Yucatán.

The studio is beautiful, well lit, clean, and properly ventilated. All props needed to make a practice accessible are available; soft floors help to protect the bodies’ articulations.

Located in the Colonia García Ginerés, a quiet and safe residential area, it is only a few minutes away from Downtown Mérida. There is plenty of street parking; there are also several close-by public transportation stops.


By Dr. Alma Durán

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