Wrathful husband murders wife’s friend in Kanasín

(Photo: wikimedia commons)

A neighbor from San Camilo came to his home and found his wife drinking with some friends, argued with the woman and injured her with a knife; and when a friend of hers intervened, he was stabbed by the wrathful husband and got killed; the aggressor was detained by the police.

On the evening of Tuesday April 10, a subject arrived at his home located in the 43rd street of Colonia San Camilo de Kanasín and found his spouse drinking beer with several subjects, situation that angered him and he violently started arguing with the woman. In a matter of seconds, without thinking about the consequences the furious husband injured his wife with a sharp-cutting object.

One of the woman’s friends, about 35 years old, tried to defend her, but the husband, blinded by wrath, stabbed him repeatedly, killing him.

San Camilo Kanasin (Photo: Por Esto)

Someone called the police and reported the situation, municipal agents of Kanasín arrived shortly to the property located in San Camilo, followed by staff of the Ministry of Public Security; and through a joint operation they arrested the murderer, one block away from the crime scene.

The injured wife was transferred to a hospital for medical attention, then experts arrived to retrieve evidence and the staff of the Forensic Medical Service was responsible for lifting the body and transferring it to the morgue for an autopsy.

Source: yucatanalamano.com