The hospitality offer in Valladolid improves and increases

Church of Saint Servatius, Valladolid, Yuc.

In the last five years, the hospitality offer in Valladolid has been gradually increasing with the construction of new accommodations. Today, tourists can rent an apartment in the downtown area with everything necessary for a family to stay for several days.

Managers of the Association of Hotels and Hostels of Valladolid said that five years ago there were only about 700 rooms in the city, however, new entrepreneurs recently joined the tourist activity opening smaller hotels, and even hostels, which are more in demand.

In addition, some local businessmen are betting on the construction of hostels featuring prices that range between $150 and $200 pesos per night per person, as many backpacker tourists are looking precisely for that kind of accommodation.

Local resident Francisco Vivas Fernandez, who used to be a famer, put into operation three apartments on Calle 45th between 40 and 42, about 200 meters from the Municipal Palace last year, and then another family opened another lodging center not far from there, on the same street.

“On March 2018, a small hotel came into operation on Calle 39 between 46 and 48 in the center of the city, they even have a parking lot”, said Vivas Fernandez.

In the same sense, José Luis Sanchez Aguilar will shortly put into operation a tourist house, located in a colonial building which was remodeled and is located on Calle 38 between 39 and 41.

There are also new hostels that just started operating in the Candelaria neighborhood.


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