The CIC Powered by Samsung is the first of its kind in Mexico


The CIC “Powered by Samsung” is the talk of the town in Mérida these days, and the building owes its name to the strategic alliance established with the Korean company Samsung, as it will reinforce its brand positioning during each and every convention, providing the attendees with the state-of-the-art technology required for the best customer experience possible.

It should be noted that the added value of the CIC is that it was built with LEED Gold certification (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), which makes it more competitive globally, placing it as a leader in environmental design, since more than 15% of all the energy used comes from renewable sources through the use of photovoltaic panels, becoming a sustainable building and with a high efficiency lighting system.

The CIC contributes to the reduction of the heat island effect, by avoiding the use of hard surfaces, clear reflecting materials and including vegetation as part of its architecture. In addition, the saving of potable water is greater than 70%, using devices and furniture of high efficiency, added to a station for rainwater harvesting and recylcing, as well as a gas treatment plant.

The building, which is located in the tourist district of the state capital, on an area of 25,000 square meters, converges with the construction of nine new hotels that had an investment of 1.8 billion pesos, increasing and improving the city’s infrastructure in a signficant way.

The capacity to receive visitors will increase by 30%, which generates employment and is accompanied by new international flights and greater connectivity. At the same time, new sources of employment are being created in hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and the CIC itself, for the benefit of the people of Mérida.

The ground floor has accesses on its four facades, a large room with capacity for 6,000 people, that can be divided into six rooms for 1,000 people each, or in 12 smaller rooms that can hold up to 500 people each.

It also has an area of platforms and nine bus bays for the arrival and departure of 500 people every five minutes, a main open square in the middle, a foyer of 3 ,456 square meters and the Center houses a beautiful cenote that was totally rehabilitated.

On the second floor there are two rooms, of 1, 877 square meters each, with capacity for 2,000 people. These rooms can be divided in up to 16 breakouts for simultaneous activities. There is also, a foyer of 2,065 square meters.

Two impressive terraces for social activities are located in the third level, with capacity for 500 people each and a Business Center. The CIC also has a heliport platform, which meets international aeronautical requirements.

The Center is located in the emblematic axis formed by Paseo de Montejo, Avenida Colón and Avenida Cupules, which represents a business model that is profitably economically and functionally efficient.


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