SAPAMV ex-workers ask for the dismissal of their union leader in Valladolid

SAPAMV ex-workers who maintain a labor dispute against union leader Manuel Barrera Garrido (Photo: DY)

Employees of the Potable Water and Sewerage System of the Municipality of Valladolid (SAPAMV) joined the demand of other municipalities to dismiss the state trade union leader Manuel Barrera Garrido, because, they said, they are not receiving any kind of attention or support from this official.

Workers held a meeting in Mérida to define strategies to achieve their goal.

The ex-workers of the local organism maintain a labor dispute with SAPAMV because the director, Felipe Arjona Tejero, separated them from their positions and does not pay their salaries or any settlements according to law.

One year ago, when the former employees started their labor movement, they were unknown by Barrera Garrido, because they had supported the predecessor of the leader, Leidy Centurión Canul.

According to testimonies, Barrera Garrido carried out the same actions with workers from other municipalities that did not support him in his campaign, as a political revenge, which has angered dozens of workers from different municipalities who decided to attend the meeting.

At the Mérida meeting one moth ago, according to the data obtained, the urgency of dismissing the state union leader was raised, but they did not reach an agreement.

However, it was asked to be as soon as possible so that he can be dismissed from his position and all the unionized workers recover their rights.

People from Valladolid seek to be supported by the state union and be recognized as members of the Union.