Presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya meets with Yucatecan entrepreneurs

Ricardo Anaya in Mérida, YUc. April 13 (Photo: SIPSE)

On April 13, the presidential candidate of the Por México al Frente coalition, Ricardo Anaya, warned that “personalistic voluntarism is not enough” to put an end to corruption as proposed by his adversary Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Anaya said that adequate measures need to be taken like promoting Article 108 of the Constitution. He also asked to take care of the security of Yucatan and the country, because now some states yearn for peace.

During a meeting with businessmen and citizens of Yucatan in a well-known hotel in the city, Anaya stressed that it is necessary to put an end to corruption through cooperation of government with civil society.

“It is not going to be with a voluntarist personalism, it is not going to happen by osmosis, it is not governing by example, first, absolute political will is needed and second, an adequate institutional design is necessary so that the law reigns and so that the law is applied without distinctions, from the president to any other citizen,” he said.

He said that Andrés Manuel López Obrador has said that he will lead by example, “and since he is going to be an honest president, then the governors and mayors will be honest too.”

Anaya asked the Yucatecans need to take care of security in Merida and in all of Yucatan, because he said that there are entities where peace is yearned for.

“The security issue must be an absolute priority for the government of Yucatan. Many states have said: “historically there have been no problems here, we have lived very quietly”, and today those same states say: “we long for that peace and tranquility that ruled before”.

“We have to take care of security in Mérida and throughout the state of Yucatán,” Anaya concluded.

Source: SIPSE