Peto man ‘goes crazy’ and kills his mom’s turkeys and chickens

He ‘goes crazy' and kills his mom’s turkeys and chickens. (Photo: pixabay)

After receiving an emergency call, Peto municipal police moved to the San Dionisio community to arrest Carlos Canul Avilés, who ‘went crazy’ for no apparent reason, and viciously killed his mother’s poultry.

Relatives said that Carlos was getting drunk all afternoon and when he arrived at his home he began to behave rude and arrogant. He went outside to the house patio and then to the backyard where he started killing the birds.

Later, the man put the dead hens and turkeys in a plastic bag and threw them into the woods.

Carlos Canul Avilés was arrested and taken to Peto’s public jail to spend 36 hours, the man was not charged with animal cruelty. (Photo: SIPSE)

Next door neighbors saw the whole thing and called the police, because they feared Carlos would get more aggressive and injure someone.

The subject was arrested and taken to Peto’s public jail to spend 36 hours. He should’ve been charged with animal cruelty, but apparently people in rural Yucatán can still get away with that type of crimes.

Peto is 135 kilometers (81 miles) south of Mérida. (Google)

TYT Newroom with information from: SIPSE