New modern Psychiatric Hospital to be built in Mérida

the construction of the Transition Villas of the Yucatan Psychiatric Hospital began on March 14. (Photo:

Aimed to become a modern, comfortable and dignified space which guarantees patients a better development, quality of life, as well as the opportunity to reintegrate into society, the construction of the Transition Villas of the Yucatan Psychiatric Hospital began on March 14, 2018.

The Governor of Yucatan stated that this facility will become a medical care unit specializing in mental health services and mentioned that this is part of the package of projects announced in January, during his fifth annual government report.

With an investment of more than 146 million pesos (18.5 million USD), this complex will provide comprehensive care through psychological, psychiatric, dental and rehabilitation consultation, as well as temporal hospitalization areas and electroencephalography equipment.

Accompanied by the head of the Ministry of Health of Yucatan (SSY), Jorge Eduardo Mendoza Mezquita, Zapata Bello said that these facilities will consolidate the Hidalgo Model of Care (Modelo Hidalgo de Atención), allowing the reintegration and autonomy of the patient.

El Gobernador puso en marcha la construcción de las Villas de Transición del Hospital Psiquiátrico de la entidad. (Photo: La Revista)

“With actions like this, Yucatan has been preparing to respond, both to the demands of our local population, as well as to national and international needs, which we can satisfy with the highest standards of service,” the governor assured to specialists, patients and relatives.

After reiterating that medical care and infrastructure are, first of all, a human right, Rolando Zapata promised that this complex will be officially inaugurated before the end of his administration, , and added: “mental health conditions must be analyzed and prevented with equal or greater emphasis with which we face diseases of another nature”.

In her speech, the Technical Secretary of the National Council of Mental Health, María Virginia González Torres, stressed that this sum of efforts will offer a better quality of life to the people of Yucatán. ”

González Torres said she is committed to continue working in coordination with the State Government on the issue of prevention, in order to offer an assessment of the evolution and challenges that this sector presents in the territory.

The state secretary of Health, Jorge Eduardo Mendoza Mezquita said that 117 million pesos will be used in construction works and more than 29 million in state-of-the-art equipment for this new 6,885 square-meter facility, which is being built on a total area of ​​25 thousand square meters.

He informed that this project will have a positive impact on the lives of the 96 thousand potential users, since the activities will be carried out in a propitious, peaceful and pleasant environment, surrounded by green areas.

The building, located just a few meters away from the Mother and Child Hospital and Amistad Corea-Mexico Clinic, in southern Merida, will have 10 cubicles for outpatient consultation, two directed to psychiatry, one to stomatology and seven to psychology. Also, the facility will feature an area of ​​hospitalization with capacity for 120 people, distributed in 10 short-stay villas, each with four rooms, three beds and one bathroom.

The new complex will boast kitchen, dining rooms, pharmacy, general service area, laundry, library, cinema theater, recovery gym, bathrooms and locker rooms for the working staff, along with special spaces for workshops and psychosocial rehabilitation.