Monumental skulls wil be auctioned to help Mexican indigenous communities

Mexicraneos (Facebook)

Two monumental skulls that form part of the “Mexicráneos” collection will be auctioned on April 19 through Morton Auctions to support foundations and indigenous communities in the country.

In addition to these pieces, 12 litho-skulls that are part of This Is Now Contemporary Art Auction will be auctioned; According to a press release, the proceeds will go to:

  • Un Granito de Arena” Foundation, which assists older adults.
  • Casa Hogar Pas” for children with limited resources
  • Juntos Foundation for the Welfare of Children Against Cancer IAP
  • Huichol community of the Jalisco area
  • Artisanal community of alebrijes of San Martín Tilcajete, Ocotlán, in Oaxaca.

On April 19, Morton Subastas will auction 12 litho-skulls. Among the artists are Gaby Villanueva, Marco Zamudio, Cocolvú; Sofía Castellanos and Ignacio Villanueva, to name a few. In addition to two monumental skulls, Mexicolor, by artist Lao Gabrielli, and Good Intentions, by Ángel Ricardo Ricardo Ríos.

These pieces surprised the attendees at the Paseo de la Reforma exhibition, which was visited by more than two million people. Art lovers and collectors will be able to find such works in the  “This is Now Contemporary Art Auction” catalog, issued by this renowned auction house.