Home Headlines Mexican presidential candidates face off in first debate with clear lead in polls for leftist AMLO

Mexican presidential candidates face off in first debate with clear lead in polls for leftist AMLO

by Yucatan Times
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On Sunday April 22, the first debate ahead of Mexico’s presidential elections is AMLO’s to lose. He looks unbeatable.

The front-runner, whose economic proposals have unsettled investors, is Andrés Manuel López Obrador, commonly known as AMLO. He’s pulling ahead of his nearest rivals in one poll by as much as 22 points, with just weeks left in the presidential campaign, according to Reforma newspaper. His approval rating is 48 percent.

“The main takeaway from our poll is that we have a clear favorite,” said Lorena Becerra Mizuno, head pollster at Reforma. “And we have a clear second-place candidate, Ricardo Anaya” of the National Action Party with a left-leaning coalition led by the Party of the Democratic Revolution. “But the advantage is AMLO. His lead is overwhelming, and he has great possibilities to win.”

A record audience is expected to watch or listen to the debate Sunday night from the Mining Palace in Mexico City’s historic center as voters and players on both sides of the border mull over the early implications of a possible López Obrador victory.

This will be the format, the dynamics, thematic blocks, presenters and the order of participation that the candidate and the four candidates for the Presidency of Mexico will have on the night of this Sunday, April 22, who will meet at the Mining Palace to discuss the topics: Politics and Government


inRead invented by Teads
The exercise will be divided into three blocks each with a different order of participation
Public safety and violence
1. Jaime Rodríguez Calderón El Bronco
2. Andrés Manuel López Obrador
3. Ricardo Anaya
4. José Antonio Meade
5. Margarita Zavala

Fight against corruption and impunity
1. José Antonio Meade
2. Jaime Rodríguez Calderón El Bronco
3. Andrés Manuel López Obrador
4. Margarita Zavala
5. Ricardo Anaya

Democracy pluralism and situation
of groups in vulnerability
1. Margarita Zavala
2. José Antonio Meade
3. Jaime Rodríguez Calderón El Bronco
4. Ricardo Anaya
5. Andrés Manuel López Obrador

1. Jaime Rodríguez Calderón El Bronco
2. Ricardo Anaya
3. Andrés Manuel López Obrador
4. Margarita Zavala
5. José Antonio Meade

Each block is divided into two segments
Each one with its own dynamics

Segment 1
Start with a common question for all candidates made by a moderator
30 seconds

Follow-up questions of up to three minutes per application 2 and a half minutes of effective time per application
30 seconds as reference time for the moderator

Each candidature will have two replicas or counter replies of 30 seconds (1 minute in total)
To exercise their replies, the candidates must raise their hands

Segment 2

Dialogue table between candidacies
A moderator raises the specific topic, maximum time: 30 seconds

The moderator will give the floor to each candidate, according to the specific criteria of moderation, and will seek that all the candidates intervene and contrast the proposals.

2:30 minutes per application (time that can be administered in several interventions) X 5

Each candidacy will have a time period of two and a half minutes to contrast their proposals and will not be able to hold more than one minute.

Source: INE

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