Merida woman gives birth inside a taxi on Circuito Colonias

“My daughter could not make it to the hospital,” said Maria Antonia Che Pech, who became a grandmother for the second time on Monday April 2, although this time her grandson was born inside a taxi.

Overjoyed, Doña Maria explained that she was at home with her daughter when she began to feel the pains of childbirth, two weeks before the date on which the baby should be born.

Doña Maria immediately grabbed her daughter’s belongings of his daughter, and went out to get a taxi to take her to the Maternal and Child Center, in the center of Merida. Both boarded the taxi from the FUTV,  driven by Paul Aarón Suárez Benítez, who got really scared at the young woman’s screams of pain, so he tried to drive as fast as he could to get to the hospital on time, but the newborn had other plans.

While driving on Calle 60, shortly before arriving at the intersection with Circuito Colonias, the young woman began to scream to her mother that the baby was being born.

The taxi driver stopped immediately and the grandmother went to the back seat. Coincidentally, the state agent Jéssica Echeverría Matos passed by on the motorcycle number 2224, and the cab driver asked her for help.

The officer entered the taxi, requested an ambulance and back up, and then she personally assisted the woman in the delivery. A few minutes later, paramedics arrived on site, but the woman had already given birth to a two-and-a-half-pound beatiful baby boy.

“Thanks to the fact that the female police officer helped us, we were able to stay calm, thank God she was passing by when it happened” said the taxi driver.

Mother and son were taken by the ambulance Y-21 and, along with the grandmother, they were transferred to the Maternity Hospital of Mérida.