Fire on Periferico sends thick cloud of smoke to Mérida


On Sunday April 8, a dense cloud of smoke extended throughout a big part of the city, product of a fire near to the Children’s Rehabilitation Center Teletón (CRIT) on Periferico.

It is unknown how it started, but due to the temperature of 40° C and a thermal sensation of 44°C, the dryness of the grass and strong gusts of air, the thick smoke advanced on to the Periférico, almost completely blocking the visibility of drivers, and police officers.

The fire broke out shortly after 5 o’clock in the afternoon, and the smoke made the visibility of the motorists on Periférico Poniente difficult. The neighbors of Las Americas, Francisco de Montejo and part of Chuburna had to deal with the complications of the extensive smoke cloud, and experienced physical discomfort.

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