Crime is prevented with education in Mérida, Yucatán

(Photo: Pixabay)

Municipal police will initiate a training course to prevent crime situations by educating children through the DARE program.

Mario Arturo Romero Escalante, Commanding Officer of Mérida’s municipal police, explained in an interview that they will look for approximately 10 agents of the municipal police with the appropriate qualities to be integrated to this program through training courses.

In that sense, the city council signed a letter of intent with the DARE board and the Anahuac Mayab University, so that these courses will be given to a group of municipal police officers.

“The agents will be taking a training course where they will study didactic topics, in order to develop the necessary skills, so they can work with children from preschool to high school teenagers, and in that sense, the national patronage will certify the officers that will be part of the program”, said Romero Escalante.

“Subsequently to this training course, participants will be certified by the national DARE association, where they will spend 15 more days in a phase two training program,” he added.

The interviewee stressed that this training is essential as it deals with children, fundamentally creating a culture of safety.

“This type of training is similar to the program that started 10 years ago, but it has evolved through time, and now these police officers so they can be able to communicate with the new generations,” he said.