Chickenpox cases in Yucatán increase by 46%

Chickenpox cases in Yucatán increase by 46% (Photo: cuauhtemoc moreno

The Yucatan State Ministry of Health reported 1,400 chickenpox patients last month, representing an increase of 46% in relation to the number of cases recorded in the same period of time last year.

The statistics indicated that until March 24, there were 1,497 people with this condition in the state, which were treated in different public health centers throughout the state. The reports spoke of 802 men and 695 women, affected with chickenpox.

During the same period of 2017, only 801 cases were recorded. In other words, 696 incidents are currently reported, representing an increase of 46.5 percent.

According to data from the National Epidemiological Bulletin, in 2017, Yucatan ended the year with  total of 2,802 cases of chickenpox.

At a national level, the state with the highest number of patients is Veracruz, with 3,379 cases.

It is followed by Jalisco and the State of Mexico, with 2,870 and 2,603 incidents, respectively.

Source: El Universal