Cancun celebrates 48 years of its founding on April 20th, 2018

On April 20th 2018, Cancun celebrates forty eight year of its founding.

48th Anniversary of Cancun.

Birth of Cancun

Cancun was the result of a tourism development project that began operations in the 1970s as a fully planned center. Unlike other cities in the Mexican Republic, Cancun was not founded by Spaniards because it was created entirely by Mexicans.

Tourist project that surpassed the success that any person had imagined. 47 years later Cancun is a city of almost one million habitantswhere people from 87 different countries are concentrated in addition to all the states that make up the Mexican Republic. The union of so many different nationalities, with their cultures, ideas and visions, makes Cancun a cosmopolitan city.

It is considered a young city but characterized by its fast pace of growth. In its 48 years of life Cancun has grown the same as Oaxaca in 500 years. And it has multiplied its population by 19.

The importance of tourism

48 years that have positioned Cancun as tourist destination number 1 of our country and Latin America, and one of the most attractive worldwide. It has more than 150 hotels totaling around 40,000 hotel rooms and receives a total of 4.6 million tourists per year.


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