Campeche wants to position itself as a world-class tourism destination

Calakmul (Photo: Wikimedia)

During the month of April, the state of Campeche seeked to consolidate itself as a destination for unique experiences with the inauguration of the Moch Couoh theme park and the improvement of the light and sound spectacle in the Edzná archaeological zone.

Jorge Manos Esparragoza, State Secretary of Tourism, explained that nowadays, visitors demand a greater number of experiences in a destination, in order to have a reason that makes them return, so Campeche is working hard on these two projects.

“It is no longer just a matter of giving tourists attractive beaches, nice weather or historic sites, in Campeche we are encouraging the development of more diversified recreational and cultural activities such the representation of a pirate attack, the caves of Bécal where artisans weave the jipijapa hats, enjoy an ecotourism center, swim in the cenote of Miguel Colorado, or tour the archaeological sites of Edzná or Calakmul” he continued.

Jorge Manos Esparragoza, Campeche State Secretary of Tourism (Photo:

“The improvements made to the Edzná archaeological zone light and sound show, aims to position this site as a strong tourist attraction, this show is even more ambitious than the ones offered in Chichen Itzá and Teotihuacán,”  stated Manos Esparragoza.

He pointed out that these spaces do not only seek to attract international tourism, but domestic tourism as well, considering that currently 76 percent of the visitors to the state of Campeche are national.

“Mexicans must learn to travel within their own territory and stop thinking about going to the United States or other countries, in order to leave the economic spill here and generate more sources of employment in Mexico,” he concluded.


  1. Calakmul
  2. Edzná
  3. Becan
  4. Xpujil or Xpuchil
  5. Balamkú