Animal Planet records pet video in Yucatecan rural community


On March 27, Animal Planet Latin America broadcasted a short video in its TV channel and official social network platforms, where a dog named “Papito” is featured with owners, two Yucatecan indigenous women.

Papito” is very smart, we have chickens and he helps us to take care of them” says one of the women while caressing the dog.

Apparently the episode was made in order to raise awareness about the sterilization of animals, since “Papito” gets sterilized (spay and neutered) during the recording of the video.

Papito can be observed as he is being operated by Dr. Jeff Young, from Planned Pethood International, in Denver, Colorado; who comes to Yucatan at least once a year for an annual spay and neuter campaign (that, by the way was cancelled this year by Yucatan’s Health authorities).

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Papito can be seen on the video as he recovers satisfactorily from the surgery.