6 delicious Yucatecan drinks to quench your thirst this summer

(Photo: Pixabay)

When a person is thirsty, a drink of water can be very satisfying; but if instead of water you delight yourself with a typical Yucatecan beverage, then

1.- Chaya fresh juice

The chaya plant can be found everywhere in Yucatan and it can be used in many ways, from traditional tamales of chaya with cheese to delicious scrambled eggs with chaya… the refreshing juice prepared with its leaves is fresh and has a unique flavor that will enchant you. By the way, Chaya has been named “the miracle plant”, since besides its great flavor, it boasts a wide variety of medicinal properties.

2.- Horchata de Coco 

The rice horchata is one of the most traditional drinks in Yucatan and although it is prepared in other places we put an extra touch adding coconut! The outcome is a dairy-free, creamy, cold delicious beverage with a sweet coconut flavor that you will never forget. Try it and you’ll see!


3.- Pitahaya (dragonfruit) fresh juice

When you visit the Yucatan, you simply cannot forget to ask for pitahaya (dragonfruit) water, for the people of Yucatan life without this delicious drink would not be the same, you will understand when you try it…

4.- Pineapple with chaya

If you liked chaya juice, the pineapple version takes things to the next level … it’s the perfect combination and it has become a must in almost every restaurant in Mérida!

5.- Cristal Negra

The Cristal Negra is the heiress of the “Sidra Pino”, a drink that Yucatecans consumed with passion for decades and disappeared off the map along with the whole bottling plant about 15 year ago (the abandoned building is still standing on Calle 78, downtown Merida though), and Sidra Pino is as just popular as its predecessor, it is ideal to drink while eating Yucatecan food. Your visit to Mérida will not be complete if don’t taste it …

6.- Xtabentun

Xtabentún is a hundred percent Yucatecan liquor which main ingredient is the honey produced by bees that have fed on the flower that bears that same name. Its unique flavor is making it increasingly popular, and these days is common to find Xtabentun at bars as a main igredient on the preparation of exotic drinks (such as “Sueños Mayas“)


TYT Newsroom with information from yucatan.travel