Yucatecan pelicans and flamingos on the brink of becoming endangered species

Pelicans and flamingos are some of the species that are in danger of extinction in Yucatan.

“Pelicans and flamingos are some of the species that are in danger of extinction in Yucatan, because many of their natural habitats are being threatened by human activity,” reported Luis Armando Ruíz Sosa Director of Environmental Management and Conservation of Resources Naturals of the Secretariat of Urban Development and Environment.

During the presentation of the Seventh Festival Alas de Yucatan 2018, he reported that there are 40 local and migratory species in the state.

He stressed that this year’s festival that is called “Alas a la imaginación” (Wings to your imagination), that was held from March 10 to 16 in Sisal, included beach cleaning and academic activities, craft workshops, photo exhibitions, as well as ecological-themed children-film screenings (to create awareness among the children of the Yucatan).

He stressed that the purpose of this event is to highlight the importance of the vast biological heritage that our coastal zones host, and one of the most notable groups of organisms in those areas are birds.

Students from pre-school to postgraduate level, bird lovers, experts in ornithology, residents of Sisal and other neighboring municipalities participated in this event.

Among the activities that stand out is a bird watching tour in different spots of the Sisal municipality, as well as a tour in the Chalana that had a cost of 300 pesos per person.

Flamingos at Celestun Lagoon, with the Mangrove in the back (Photo: Google)

Source: noticias.canal10.tv