Yucatán, the only state in Mexico where homicide numbers decrease

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Against the national and international tendency on violent murders, the number of intentional homicides in the state of Yucatán decreased 50%. Until Friday February 23, seven homicides had been reported throughout Yucatan, 50% less than the 14 registered during the same period in 2017.

In 2017, Yucatan recorded the lowest rate of intentional homicides in the country with 46 crimes, four less than in 2016. Of the seven homicides recorded this year, only the “Chichí Suarez murderer” is still at large.

An official necropsy determined the cause of death of 51-year-old man was mechanical suffocation due to strangulation. The crime allegedly occurred on Monday February 19, on Calle 42, Chichí Suárez, municipality of Merida.

According to official data, 60% of the total number of homicides were registered in Mérida. What is striking is that two crimes were perpetrated by women who killed their husbands. In the majority of murders in Yucatan, the homicidal weapons have been knives.

In all cases, except for Chichí Suárez, the alleged perpetrators are already subject to criminal proceedings.

Out of the seven homicide victims, one is woman from Tabasco, and she was murdered in Chan Chocholá, Maxcanú; in the south part of the state of Yucatán. Three homicides were recorded in the month of January, and four in February.

Source: yucatan.com.mx