Romi Dzul Caamal, municipal president, explained that Tulum was originally founded with 13 families who left Felipe Carrillo Puerto during the Caste War and explained that Tulum is not only archeology and beaches, but also tradition and culture. That is why they will carry out the Traditional Maya Fiesta 2018.

During the March festivities in Tulum, authorities, Catholic priests, Maya indigenous people, Maya experts, tourists and locals gather at the church of the Mayan court to formally inaugurate the Tulum Maya Ceremonial Center’s activities for this special month, during which the Mayans make offerings to obtain a good harvest.

According to a statement, the inauguration of this event will take place at the Mayan Ceremonial Center, at 7:30 p.m., on March 7. “We will have live music by other municipalities’ groups and we will dance the traditional Maya Pax” (prehispanic music).

Fiesta Ceremonial Maya de Tulum 2013 (Photo:

People will be able to get involved in the ancient customs of the Mayan culture. Together with the Organizing Committee, the municipal government will carry out activities throughout the 10 days that this event will last.

Tulum’s mayor (presidente municipal) highlighted that the artisans of the Zona Maya and Transition Zone, will sell their textiles, ornamentals and folkloric jewelery.

For 10 days this festival will take place, feturing a strong textile offer with ancestral typical Maya and Mestizo clothing.

She mentioned how families make the so-called “promises” and as part of their beliefs, they make the so-called “matán“, which means ” to feed”.