Presidential candidate José A. Meade warns about influence of organized crime in Mexican elections

One of the concerns for this electoral process is the influence of organized crime in the 2018 General Election, said the presidential candidate of the coalition formed by the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the center-right Green Party (PVEM), and the center-right New Alliance Party (NA), José Antonio Meade.
After meeting with the Communication Board, Meade spoke about how both, the violence the country is experiencing and drug trafficking organizations are able to corrupt the ongoing electoral process in our country.

“We share the concern that the presence of drug trafficking organizations can infect the electoral process and we also share the concern about the expressions of violence we’ve been seeing,” said the presidential candidate.

Meade claimed there is a need to continue the dialogue between political forces and the Ministry of the Interior to create and implement protocols capable of safeguarding the elections.

“For this reason, we have insisted on, and we’re developing this process of dialogue with the Ministry of the Interior so together, political parties and the Ministry, we can face these two challenges so that neither violence nor drug trafficking has a presence and becomes a decisive factor in this electoral process,” he claimed.

Meade emphasized the need of taking this concern seriously.

Source: The Baja Post