Murderer hiding in Kanasín, Yucatán gets arrested

DMM (Photo:

“A person accused of killing five members of a family in Tultepec, State of Mexico, was arrested in Mérida on Thursday March 1, by agents of the State Investigation Police of the Ministry of Public Security of Yucatan, in coordination with the Investigation Police of the State of Mexico”. said the General Prosecutor’s Office of Mexican Justice.

The subject, DMM, aged 29, was wanted for the murder of Hugo Alberto Jirado Gutiérrez, his wife Argelia Canto, and their children, Diego Rodrigo, 18 years old, and the twins Abril and Abigail, of 14 years, whose bodies were found half-buried in their own home, on October 2017, in the Parque Tamarindos neighborhood , in Tultepec, Estado de Mexico (about 30 miles west of Mexico City).

As part of the Mexican authorities investigations, the Attorney General of Justice of that state turned a collaboration office to the Yucatecan authorities on February 26 this year, and so the Special Investigation Police of the SSP Yucatán immediately initiated the investigations.

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As a result, on March 1, investigating agents from Yucatan and the State of Mexico located and captured the subject, at kilometer 21 of the Merida Periférico.

According to the investigation, the man arrived in Mérida on January 4, this year, after having spent some time in Veracruz. He rented an apartment in the Santa Ana neighborhood of the municipality of Kanasín, along with his wife and son.

The State Investigation Police of the Ministry of Public Security placed the accused under the custody of the General Coordination of Investigation and Analysis of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, and he was transferred to that state, where he will be judged for the murders of four members of the Jirado Canto family.- Press release.