Mexico is the number one country for women to pursue a career as an Expat

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“The community for expats, InterNations, ranked the top ten countries around the world for career prospects for expat women, ranking the countries by salary, career satisfaction, working hours and more.

The expat lifestyle continues to draw women from around the world, with almost one quarter (24%) attracted for work-related reasons, according to InterNations, a network for people who live and work abroad.

Expat women have working experience

More than half the women that work abroad (51 per cent) are satisfied with their career opportunities. However, one-third of them (33 per cent) state that their income abroad is lower than what they would make in a similar job at home In their latest Expat Insider survey,

InterNations interviewed 7,000 female expats living in 168 countries. The network ranked the top ten countries for women to pursue a career as an expat.

The top ten countries for female expats:

  1. Mexico – Two-thirds of women working in Mexico (67 per cent) state they are satisfied with their job. One German expat pointed out that Mexico offers “an environment where expats have a good standing”. However, working long hours is a negative factor for 26 per cent of women there.
  • Possibility of a higher salary abroad: 29 per cent
  • Career prospect satisfaction: 68 per cent
  • Weekly full-time working hours: 45 hours”

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