Mérida’s “Palace of Music” will strengthen cultural tourism

(Photo: yucatan.com.mx)

The Palace of Music is an enclosure that will strengthen the cultural infrastructure of the State and will give recognition to the identity and musical traditions of the Yucatán and the whole country of Mexico.

According to a statement, when speaking with the ambassador of the Yucatan trova, Maricarmen Pérez Domínguez, the former federal representative and now candidate to governor, Mauricio Sahuí, they said that this museum will boost the arrival of cultural tourism to the State, which will benefit the local economy and will position the Historic Center of Mérida, as one of the most important Cultural Tourism destinations in Mexico.

“The wide range of programs will make tourists stay for more than two nights, which will generate income in hotels, restaurants and shops,” added Sahuí Rivero, accompanied by museum expert Diego Nevárez Canto and engineer José Nevárez Valdez.

The former head of the Ministry of Social Development said that everything possible will be done for the Palace to become a reference in the musical legacy of the nation, to showcase the great talent of Yucatecan troubadours, motivate new talents and allow the local artists to identify with the traditional musical genres of or region and the rest of the country.

After interpreting “Mi ciudad” of Guadalupe Trigo, Maricarmen Pérez said that she is proud to be a Yucatecan, and that it is a privilege to have this unique musical center, which will feature knowledge and interaction with the public,  from the roots of Mexican music to this “contemporary” era.

“Yucatan is the birthplace of great talent that this forum will catapult, it will motivate children and youth who will be able to enjoy concerts, exhibitions and cultural exchanges supported by new technologies,” added the singer and songwriter with 48 years of career on stage.

Palacio de la Música (Photo: La Verdad de Yucatán)

When giving details of the Palacio de la Música, which has an advance of 85% in equipment and 90% in infrastructure, Nevarez Valdez, indicated that visitors will find different spaces within the premises:

  •  El Umbral
  • Antecedentes
  • Culturas musicales
  • La Jarana
  • Canción Yucateca
  • Music in theater magazine
  • Music in cinema
  • Authors and Composers
  • Reflection

There will be an esplanade and the Patio de Cuerdas; an auditorium for concerts and also classrooms. An administrative area, and on the roof, visitors will have a viewpoint from which they will be able to admire the greatness of the beautiful downtown area of Merida.

“Our state is a quarry of artists who have the support of various institutions, because there are workshops and training programs that promote participation and strengthen the skills of young people who want to become professionals in the art of music” said the singer before the end of the meeting .

The museologist Diego Nevárez Canto explained that the museum aspires to be an international icon in the subject, because it addresses the different types music originated from the pre-Hispanic era and the colony, as well as an exploration of the creations made in different regions.

Source: yucatan.com.mx