Merida airport ready to receive thousands of tourists during the holiday season

Almost 100,000 passengers will arrive to enjoy the Yucatecan territory.

Mérida airport staff declares prepared for the arrival of tourism during the “Semana Santa” and Easter Week vacation season as, there is already a great demand on flights arriving to Mérida, Yucatan.

In that sense, the head of ASUR, Héctor Navarrete Muñoz, assured that almost 100,000 passengers will arrive to enjoy the fantastic cultural and natural attractions within Yucatecan territory.

“We calculated that there should be about 80,000 passengers during Holy Week and part of Easter week and the figure will be bigger considering international tourism through the whole month of March” Navarrete explained referring to the number of arrivals expected for this month.

The CEO of the Merida airport said that during January there was an increase of 10% in number of passengers, compared to the month of January 2017, exceeding other airports’ average.

“Cancun had an increase of 4.5% while Mérida had an increase of 10% with respect to January 2017,” he said.

The holiday season will officially start on March 27 when thousands of tourists will be arriving to Yucatán to enjoy the beaches, archaeological sites, museums, cenotes, haciendas and other tourist attractions in the state.