Members of the “Antorchista” Mexican political organization march the streets of Mérida

According to estimations of the state police, around 900 antorchistas of diverse communities of the state, marched along Paseo de Montejo towards the Plaza Grande to insist on their demands, which have not been heard by the state government.

The Antorchistas, demand the state government support for agriculture, housing and education.

Although they acknowledge that their demands have not been heard, their state leader Aleida Ramírez Huerta, accepted that the group will support Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín to the Senate and have some closeness with Mauricio Sahui, precandidate for state governor, both belonging to the PRI party.

Movimiento Antorchista Nacional or Antorcha Campesina is a Mexican political organization whose main objective is the eradication of poverty in Mexico.

It was founded in 1974 in the town of Tecomatlán, located in the poor region of the Mixteca Baja, in the state of Puebla, by a group of 40 college students and peasants, and today the group thousands of members nationwide, and their support to the PRI political party during election time has become very significant.