March 20: Day of the Guayabera in Merida

On March 20, the Guayabera Day was celebrated in Mérida, Yucatán, with a fashion show where the winning models of the contest convened by the National Chamber of the Garment Industry (Canaive) were exhibited.

The event took place at 7:30 p.m. in the Centro Cultural del Niño Yucateco (Cecuny), under the motto “This is the Guayabera, This is Yucatan”, it is seeked to promote this garment that characterizes the presence and identity of the Yucatecans worldwide.

The goal of this fashion show was to present the winning designs and models of the contest and showcase important advances, innovations, creations and contributions of the 13 finalists who participated in the first contest “Design your Guayabera”.

The prizes will be 10, 000, 5,000, and 3,000 pesos for the first three places.

The winning design will be commercialized. It is intended to be a garment with quality and taste, attractive to the market, in this way project designs and new proposals will be provided to the best guayaberas producers in Yucatan.

The finalist companies were: Glyphs, La Plaza del Recreo, Guayaberas de Fer, Lizeth Creations, Voga Yucatan, Soy Yucateca, Embroidery Kike, Guayaberas Ramírez, Guayaberas Dzibilchaltún, Eencia Maya, Soberano Guayaberas, Portofolio and Zero Zone.

In the presence of the finalists of “Design your Guayabera”, Góngora Medina, president of the Canaive, highlighted the interest of the Chamber of the Clothing Industry leaders to encourage the talent and creativity of fashion students and recent graduates, in order to promote the Guayabera.

The president of the Canaive explained that the fashion show featured 50 models that exhibited six garments of each of the 13 participating brands, and afterwards,  the three finalists were selected.

This is an initiative to impulse new creators, Yucatecan men and women interested in projecting the Guayabera as part of the identity of Yucatan.