Man threatens a woman with a knife in front of “La Ermita”

Photo: Diario de Yucatán

According to locals, on Thursday March 8, a man that was running on Calle 79 was arrested by police agents of units 6398 and 6192 of the Municipal Police, who were following him, the officers caught the suspect on the corner of Calle 62 and 79 Mérida, Centro.

According to the police report, the man resisted the arrest and tried to hit one of the officers to try to escape, and even as he was handcuffed, he kicked one of the officers. The police agents locked him up in the back of the patrol car and waited for the person who would file a complaint.

Residents said that he had threatened a girl with a knife and tried to assault her, but the police were passing by at that moment and he fled the scene running, there was a persecution on foot that culminated in the arrest of the suspect, who apparently was under the influence of some kind of narcotic.