Looking for an entrepreneurial activity in Yucatan? Try Beekeeping!

“Promoting the consumption and production of honey are two of the most important objectives of the program “I am a Beekeeper for a Day” (Soy apicultor por un dia), that was promoted during the Expocampo 2018″, explained Nelli Ortiz Vázquez, director of the Abeja Planet interactive park.

According to Ortiz Vázquez, “the program is about creating a new generation of beekeepers, that is why we are focusing on either young or old people who have the possibility of starting a business and, especially if they enjoy outdoor activities and are willing to venture into the fascinating world of beekeeping,” he said.

She pointed out that it is important to train beekeepers, because when their production is not enough, the bees abandon their hives, and this generates diseases.

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