Last day to enjoy Art’Hó’s “Mérida Blanca” collection at José Martí Cultural Center

After eight months of work, the "José Martí" Cultural Center reopened its doors.

The Art’Hó group, directed by maestro Manuel Lizama, recently awarded with the 2018 Bellas Artes Medal, inaugurated on March 2 the “Mérida Blanca” exhibition at the “José Martí” Cultural Center.

With pieces of Julio Castillo Rosado, José Flores Figueroa, Adolfo Rodríguez Canto, Eugenia Cortés Alayola, Francisco Rosado Alcocer and Nery Falconi Vera, Agarena Sosa, Teresita Benítez Rodríguez, Lupita Pérez Vera, Miguel Ángel Cimé, Martín Pérez Ponce, José Góngora, Landy Torres, Liliana Sánchez, Gladys Díaz Negrón and Manuel May Tilán.

It will be the first time that the group, with 27 years of being founded, will exhibit at the Cultural Center located in the Parque de las Americas.

For this reason, the director of the group says that he is glad that the doors are open to the public to enjoy oils, watercolors, drawings and sculptures. A special presentation will be made for three oil paintings: “Benito Juárez Pier”, “Through the Eulogio Rosado Park” and “Calle 59 de Mejorada”.

The exhibition was scheduled for  January within the framework of the Merida Fest, but due to the refurbishment works of the Cultural Center it was postponed for the month of March.

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Promotion of Yucatecan artists

The main objective of the Art’Hó group is to promote the work of Yucatecans artists, providing support to those who are just coming out of Art school, who are not well known or who’ve had a short career. “Centro Cultural José Marti” offers them the possibility to exhibit their work in a gallery.

As for the sale of art, Maestro Lizama points out that “50 years ago, local art buyers had a preference for landscaping, but now, with all the advances we have in Mérida, people are fond of new creations, and today in modern art , there is a very wide variety to choose from. ”

The exhibition will remain open to the public until Thursday March 15, The Yucatan Times strongly recommends it.

TYT Newsroom with information from Diario de Yucatán

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