K’u’uk: contemporary cuisine or pure alchemy?

(Photo: kuukrestaurant.com)

Acknowledged at the Food and Travel Reader Awards 2017 as Best Restaurant of the Interior de la República (which means anywhere in Mexico, outside Mexico City), K’u’uk sets the table with avant-garde preparations in which the Yucatecan ingredients stand out; dishes in which the flavors are enhanced through advanced techniques and innovative presentations.

This is Pedro Evia and Eduardo Rukas’ orginal concept: resize the traditional food and convince the palates that the horizon of Yucatecan cuisine is vast and of international stature. As good magicians (or alchemists)as they are, Eduardo and Pedro take raw material and they transform it into marvelous creations, through inspiration, imagination, creativity, hard work and artifice.

The mansion where K’u’uk is installed features high ceilings, whitewashed walls, paste mosaic floors and large windows; and its location is unsurpassable: in front of the Monument to the Fatherland (postcard par excellence of Mérida) right on the Paseo Montejo, and in the back, they have a terrace that overlooks the Yucatecan capital in a delighting view.

Preparing luscious dishes requires inventiveness, but above all a human and technical team to make it possible.

K’u’uk has a research laboratory with artifacts and devices for dehydration, lyophilization and centrifugation, and their search for new culinary paradigms continues in the nitinol dish (nickel alloy with titanium) with which the chefs are currently experimenting.

So, if you think you’ve tasted all, maybe it’s time for you to come to K’u’uk and experience the unparalleled flavors that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Evia and Rukas are taking natural ingredients and turning them into an incalculable treasure… Isn’t it what alchemy is all about?