Germany returns Mexico two Olmec busts stolen in the 80s

(Photo: INAH)

After at least 10 years of diplomatic and judicial conflicts between Germany and Mexico, our country recovered on March 20 two archaeological gems of the Olmec culture, dating back to 3,200 years ago.

The pieces, two busts of ceiba and jobo wood, carved around 1200 before our era, were confiscated by the collector Leonardo Patterson, so the fact is a precedent for those nations that have denounced the expropriation of cultural heritage and face great obstacles in the process.

(Photo: INAH)

“We have been successful and we are very happy, these are objects from the archaeological site ‘El Manatí‘.

The pieces are unique sculptures of that age, Mexican cultural heritage that left the country illegally years ago” explained the INAH Legal Affairs Coordinator, María Villarreal.

INAH authorities estimate that the Olmec pieces were stolen in the late 80s.

Leonardo Patterson is a controversial character in the art world, as he had previously been condemned for “fraud” with pre-Columbian instruments.