Fishermen of Campeche will have life insurance

According to the authorities, only 30% of the more than 8,000 coastal and high-altitude fishermen have life insurance.

Year after year in the state of Campeche, about 20 fishermen die during their activities at sea. To benefit the families of fishermen, the Secretariat of Fisheries launched a program so that all fishermen who carry out this activity in a lawful manner, will have life insurance.

According to the authorities, less than 30% of the more than 8,000 coastal and high-altitude fishermen have life insurance.

“One hundred thousand pesos for death in the activity and 50 thousand pesos in the case of natural death, in case they die of an illness they will be supported with 50 thousand pesos,” said José del Carmen Rodríguez Vera, Secretary of Fisheries in Campeche.

In order to be a beneficiary, fishermen will have to register to the Padrón Oficial Único de Pescadores Ribereños.

“They must register, but those who do not have their legal permit are not going to be able to take advantage of this benefit, those who do not accredit their captaincy control card either.

This insurance could be a great help to the fishermen’s wives and kids, because if he dies while fishing, his family is not left in a state of helplessness,” said José del Carmen Rodríguez Vera, fisheries secretary in Campeche.

“Well yes it’s a good thing, of course, they had never done something like that,” said Manuel Chi, a local fisherman.

“We are all getting the documents, all the fishermen will be insured, especially the crew and then we are all set,” added José Pérez Chan, leader of coastal fishermen of Campeche.

The Campechano fishermen will also receive other benefits such as the temporary employment program in case of low catches of fish or close seasons.