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Endemic fruit trees will be promoted and planted in Cholul

by Yucatan Times
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With the objective of planting and reproducing trees in the region, the Soy 1 + Cholul group, made up by more than 90 residents, is launching the Arboterum Frutales Mayas project.

The project began on February 24 with the planting of a zapote tree on the side of the Cholul church atrium.

That day the cleaning of the main square and a cenote also took place, actions that involved not only the residents of Cholul, but also authorities of the city of Merida and the State government.

Soy 1 + Cholul is a dynamic group that has among its objectives to address community problems. The neighborhood organization is divided into small working groups: trees, cleaning, culture, education and image, among others, whose main communication channel is WhatsApp.

Dr. John Ehrenberg Enríquez and his wife Perla Coll are the promoters of the Arboterum Frutales Mayas project.

The zapote, the first tree planted in the project, has received attention from the residents of Cholul, who take turns watering it every day without exception.

Dr. Ehrenberg explains that the project consists of planting around 25 different types of trees, such as choch, tauch, canistel, saramuyo, anona, grosella, nance, orange of San José, cajera, huaya and plum; in an area of 700 square meters that is next to the Cholul church, near Calle 23.

The project was presented to the municipality of Mérida, whose authorities agreed to fence the area, install a new water  pump and provide irrigation supplies and tools to take care of the site. The community declared that they will be in charge of planting, watering and caring for the trees.

The goal of temporary fencing is to protect small trees and help them to grow without problems.

“The Maya fruit trees are no longer sown, they have no market and part of Arboterum’s goal is to rescue that legacy.” (Photo: TYT)

Dr. Ehrenberg explains that they thought of these trees to serve the community and, at the same time, rescue the legacy left by our ancestors. “It’s about assessing what you had and you’re losing little by little.”

“I hope other communities do the same,” said Ehrenberg, who is the main promoter of this project and a Cholul resident for 32 years.

“In the past, many people had their own trees and consumed the fruits of the region. Now these trees are not seen much anymore, they have disappeared and therefore their fruits are not consumed. Properties are getting smaller there is no space to cultivate endemic trees anymore. In the case of the trees that are being planted, Soy 1 + Cholul members are using seeds taken from other trees of their own” he said.

“In addition, with the entry of “foreign” fruits such as strawberries, grapes and apples, among others, people have become accustomed to consume them as part of the change of their culinary culture, and the Maya fruit trees are no longer sown, endemic fruits are no longer consimed and part of Arboterum’s goal is to rescue that legacy.”

Arboterum Frutales Mayas project aims at rescueing different species, promote endemic fruit consumption and re-sow by means of their seeds.

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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