COFETUR seeks to create Medical Tourism record

The Tourism Development Commission intends to create a registry of medical tourism, that is, foreigners who come to attend clinics in Sonora or doctors who come from other countries temporarily to care for patients, said Héctor Platt Mazón.

“The Tourism Development Commission intends to create a registry of Medical Tourism travelers, who come to clinics and hospitals, or to see doctors in Mexico, as temporary patients”, said Héctor Platt Mazón.

The person in charge of the office of the COFETUR said that they are working on the creation of a Tourist Observatory in order to distinguish the different medical services that these travelers demand.

“As physicians we always conduct ourselves with professionalism, caution and respect for our patients, there is an interesting flow especially of North Americans who come to our country for medical purposes, and so now, we are working on the way to have reliable and well-established statistics on this important market “, Platt Mazón said.

This initiative came up in the northern state of Sonora, but it is expected that the COFETUR implements this statistic measurement system nationwide.